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Breastfeeding can be a tricky journey especially when feeding two! This package helps take the anxiety away and allows you to get established with breastfeeding as soon as possible. 


The package includes a specific antenatal breastfeeding session for twins, plus two weeks care from an IBCLC lactation consultant. If baby is in NICU Hannah can help teach how to express and store your breast milk, finger or tube feed to start with and then support you with latching and feeding your babies at the breast. If for any reason you decide breastfeeding isn't  right for you, she can teach you how to  make a bottle of formula, how to store it and sterilise bottles plus how to feed baby - it isn't how it looks in the movies!  


This really is a financially savay decision to make with the cost of formula being so high and then needing to multiply it by two! Payment plans are available enquire to learn more. 


GST not included.

Feeding package

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