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This is a great double breast pump. Using a double pump means you are stimulating both breasts at the same time so you can express more milk in half the time. It is a hospital grade certified double pump which means it is the highest quality and can be used again and again.


The unique Breast Cushion of the Milkbar breast pump acts in the same way that a baby's tongue does. The Milkbar breast pump gently massages and compresses, stimulating milk flow and drawing breast milk from the ducts, making this breast pump completely different to any other product on the market, and most importantly, more effective.



  • Hospital Grade Certified Breast Pump, the highest quality breast pump
  • High capacity lithium-ion battery allows you to pump unplugged for up to 3 hours full charge.
  • Stimulation and Expression Modes – both with 9 settings for optimal effectiveness and personal comfort.
  • Dual Motors with the ability to adjust each side individually to suit
  • 1 Year Warranty Included
  • Fully closed system with anti back flow and unique air-liquid separation diaphragm, prevents bacteria build up within the pump.
  • Gentle liquid silicone breast cushion
  • 30 minute countdown timer to keep track of pump time
  • Quiet motors allow for quiet discrete pumping
  • User memory starts back in your preferred setting if session is paused
  • 1:1 Support available from our team of experts
  • Completely hands free with our pumping bras
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or money back


The pump comes with 21mm Original Inserts.


Includes a free breast milk storage magnet and nipple sizing card for use as needed as our nipples change in size often during our breastfeeding journeys.

This design of breast pump is recommended by Lactation Consultants to help maintain and increase breast milk supply and is backed by thousands of mums as being the best choice they made for their breastfeeding journey.


I have seen so many mums have great success in increasing their supply, feeding multiples with this pump which is why I recommend it. It’s easy to use and simple to clean without lots of fiddly parts. Plus the customer service is amazing!


GST not included.

Milkbar Advanced Flow Double Electric Breast Pump - Hospital Grade

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