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Night nannying can change the way you feel when you have a newborn. This package gives you four nights of sleep which can really change the way you feel. Lots of parents comment saying that the days are easier knowing that you have a night of sleep coming.

You could divide this package up so you have a night off once a week for a month or twice a week for two weeks to get the babies  settled in and allow you to adjust to the new routine. Whatever your choice, you won't regret this service. 

I will look after your babies from 9pm until 7am the next day. I can either feed them or bring them to you to breastfeed, I will then go and change  their nappy, wind them and re-settle them back to sleep. If bottles are being  used I will wash and sterilise them and if you are expressing I can wash your pump and get it ready for the next use. 


Payment plans are available so please enquire. Also don't forget to look at the baby shower invitations which make it easy for your friends and family to help give you a gift that is really going to help. 


GST not included.

Night Nanny package.

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