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Mum 2 Mum bibs are the best...... in my opinion. They are soft, wash well, are water proof, made in New Zealand and made by mums!


Meal times can get messy! Make clean up easier by protecting baby’s clothes with the Sleeved Wonder Bib. Offering great coverage, keeping baby clean from wrist to waist. The front is made with our iconic 100% cotton towelling for quick absorbency. It’s backed with water resistant nylon to keep baby dry underneath; the same material is used for the sleeves. It has an adjustable dome closure on the neckline so you don’t need to lift the bib over their head; instead unclip and pull down at the sleeves to contain the mess.


  • A must-have bib for your independent eater.
  • Sleeved bib with waist to wrist coverage.
  • Adjustable and absorbent.
  • Machine washable, dryer safe and colourfast.


Sizes: Small (6-18 months) 
Neck size diameter (laying flat): Small: Outside snap – 15.5cm. Inside snap – 14.5cm. 

OHbaby! Awards – Awarded Gold for Best Solid Feeding Product
Mum 2 Mum Wonder Bib Range


GST not included.

Small sleeved bib

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