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What is a doula?

There are several types of doulas nowadays doing a range of birth and postnatal support. The two most common types are birthing and postnatal doulas while some doulas do both!  


I specialise as a postnatal (otherwise known as a postpartum) doula.


As a postnatal doula, I am here to help prepare and care/support you during the initial period after having your baby. This can be to give you advice on recovery, helping soothe baby, feeding, getting the rest you need.

Norland Nanny

As well as being a doula, I am also a qualified Norland Nanny. This means I can offer extra support when you need to go out and leave baby at home.

A Norland Nanny (also known as a Norlander) is a graduate of the Norland Diploma qualification studied at Norland Collage in Bath, England. 

What we do is best answered by this article:

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Doula packages

All packages come with a prenatal video call or visit so that we can get to know each other and discuss what your expectations and your requirements are (it’s also okay if you don’t yet know). I will always give you encouragement and support you with your decisions.


Upon payment of deposit you will recieve face to face support as well as email, text and phone.

* Any extra time will be charged at $30 an hour and needs to be booked in advance, however, feel free to ask on the day and I will try and accommodate. 

** All prices are exclusive of GST.

Jo supported my family as a postpartum doula after our first baby was born in February. I’m so glad we had Jo’s support. She was a great listener, she was so kind, and she was amazing with our son. Jo gave us so much practical advice too and was always willing to lend a hand around the house. My husband and I are from Ireland, and we have no family in New Zealand, so Jo’s support was so valuable to us.

Shauna Collins  - doula and night nanny

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