What is a doula?


There are two types of doulas – birthing doulas and postnatal doulas while some doulas do both!  


They are there to support couples through the process of having a baby, helping their wishes and desires to be met and creating an experience that they are happy with.  


As part of the Wellington doula network, I recommend you visit the Wellington Doulas website for more information on what doulas do and who services the Wellington region. It’s important to get the right match for you, and I’m happy to help with that selection process.

As a postnatal doula, I am here to help care for you during the initial period after having your baby. This can be to give you advice on recovery, helping soothe baby, feeding, getting the rest you need.  


What are the benefits of a doula?  


When looking for a doula feel free to call me for a chat and we can discuss what your needs and expectations are. Being a doula is a qualified role and everyone must be certified, but every doulas experience and knowledge may be in slightly different areas, so you need to find the correct match for your family.  It is also a very personal relationship, so I recommend chatting to other doulas so that you are comfortable you have found the right match for your family.  


Below are the packages I offer, but I am happy to develop the right package for you. I’m here to support you and make your journey as easy and enjoyable as possible. Leaving you feeling confident and excited about your future journey with your new family. 


All packages come with a prenatal phone call or visit so that we can get to know each other a bit and discuss what your expectations and your requirements are (it’s also okay if you don’t yet know). Support can be anything from helping you settle back in too home, helping with the first bath, supporting you with breastfeeding or looking after baby while you have a sleep. I'm available from when you give birth until you feel ready to go it alone and can do weekly or fortnightly visits. I will provide you with support face to face as well as via email, text and phone calls. 

  • Two sessions = 4 hours at your home split into two visits. $250. 

  • Three sessions = 6 hours at your home split into three visits. $300.  


Any extra time will be charged at $30 an hour and needs to be booked in advance, however, feel free to ask on the day and I will try and accommodate.