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Helping you feel in control and calm with your new bundle of joy. 


Having a new baby is a very exciting time but it can also be overwhelming and daunting. It's the one job that comes with no training and it's the most important job anyone can undertake! 

Nowadays, people can often live far away from the family support that is so often needed to help with this transition, which is where Blissful Bubs comes in! We are your fairy godmothers, here to ease the load and allow you to understand that your gut instincts are valid and to trust them. Our friendly, non-judgemental approach aims to help you feel more confident and believe in yourself as parents. 

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Postnatal doulas

As a doula I offer postnatal support which can include a range of different services including:


  • Emotional support and an understanding, listening and non-judgemental ear.

  • Night support for you and baby.

  • Breastfeeding support. 

  • Newborn care – baby consultancy / sleep coaching.

  • Practical help around the house including light cleaning, cooking or making snacks, folding laundry, running errands etc.

  • Baby care – looking after baby / babysitting.

  • Connecting you with other support services.

  • Evidence based advice and information based on over 20 years experience working with babies.

  • Baby massage and baby yoga


Feeding baby

Feeding baby can be a challenging skill to master. As a doula, I am a La Leche League peer support councillor and a specialist breastfeeding supporter. I am also on route to becoming an IBCLC.

For more specialised support, Blissful Bubs also works with a fantastic lactation consultant and can help you to book an antenatal session or visit after birth.

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Feeding baby
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No one quite appreciates the value of good sleep like a new parent. We offer night support for you and baby to ensure your family gets some well deserved rest. 

Our night nanny service is the perfect gift for new, tired parents and you can purchase online.


Baby classes

Yoga for mum, yoga and massage for baby...

Our classes offer fun ways to bond with baby in a supportive environment. Our classes also create space to ask questions and meet with other parents at similar stages. 

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Baby classes
Proud Parents

Twins support

We know the absolute blessing of finding out you're having one baby, let alone two!  Along with excitement often comes anxiety about pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding, finances and just how are you physically going to manage two babies???


I have had lots of experience with twins and have a number of packages available to help. They all start with a call where you can ask as many questions as you need to feel confident you are making the right choice.

Twin support


These services are a good place to start but we acknowledge that each family's needs are different and encourage families to get in touch to discuss what will work best for them.

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Initial Lactation Consultation 

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Sleep Coach


Night Nanny

Newborn's Care

Looking after Baby

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Baby Consultancy

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Baby Classes / Learning

Jo was singlehandedly the biggest help we had after our twin daughters were born, from the first night we got home from the hospital she basically taught us how to be parents.  She was a night nurse for us a few nights a week which helped us maintain our sanity, we still have her come watch the girls when we do anything as they love her, as do we. We are so grateful for her expertise and care that she provided for us and our babies. I can not recommend her services enough in any capacity. 

Chantal Claret

Buy online

As well as some fantastic baby essentials, you can shop online for our packages. These are a great option for gifting support to parents in need or ordering baby shower invites.

Parents wishing to discuss support options are encouraged to contact me.

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